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Do you dare to be truly transparent?

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We've noticed your Company values sustainability, and many of your products have EPDs  -  but do you know how to get the message of that data across?

Bright Concrete

Join us as a Transparency Pioneer


Show it!
Build your brand as an advocate of sustainability and transparency issues in the eyes of Designers and Architects across Europe!
Utilise it!
You have taken the first step in sustainability by producing EPDs. Now let's take the next step together and make the most of them!
Understand it!
Show the benefits of your products' sustainability within your organisation and to your customers - reliably!
No greenwash.

We have a deal for you!

Visibility in connection to our launch in February -24 and for 2 months thereafter
Basic Subscription to Materialisting Platform for one year starting from our Launch

4900 €
(+ applicable vat)

Check out the terms of the agreement here 
Read more about the Basic Subscription here

By partnering with us, your brand gets visibility in a very targeted way and in connection with a topic of great interest !

Check out this video to see how the Platform works and how you'll benefit!

This long awaited help for designers is finally a reality when we launch our Platform Europe-wide in February 2024!

We at Materialisting have collected and analyzed the EPD’s of thousands of companies, and transformed this boring and hard-to-read data into visual Environmental Profiles.
Our groundbreaking method utilises EPDs to their full potential and brings forth the product's
1. Carbon emissions, 
2. Ecosystem impacts, as well as it's
3. Suitability for a Circular Economy!

With the ability to compare and compile the Environmental Profiles of different products: 

Designers are finally able to make truly conscious, data-driven choices, and Manufaturers and Suppliers are able to easily show the benefits of their products' sustainability - reliably!
No greenwashing.

Be sure to secure your place


We are looking for 20 sustainability-focused manufacturers to partner with us on our launch and beyond. By partnering with us, your brand and your products will get significantly increased visibility among the growing number of designers looking to make sustainable product selections!
We select 20 only companies to partner our Launch - so apply now to secure your place!

Apply during January 2024!
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