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Stop wasting wood. We repurpose discarded wood from the sawmill industry, treating it with fire to enhance its natural qualities. Our product, Circuwood — or Kiertopuu in Finnish — is an eco-friendly, all-natural building material ideal for facades and terraces. By charring the wood's surface, we increase its resistance to water, decay, and pests, all while bringing out a stunning texture that adds both beauty and resilience to any interior or exterior space.

All of our raw materials are locally sourced from Eastern Finland, establishing a truly sustainable cycle. The timber is obtained from neighboring sawmills, and the bio-based gas utilized in our processes is produced at a nearby facility. Hiil's operations exemplify the essence of a circular economy, where local resources are efficiently used to create globally admired construction materials.

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Jukka Tuhkanen - Sales Director - - +358 40 038 0333

Miikka Kotilainen - Co-Founder - - +358 50 569 0586


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