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Welcome to Materialisting

Materialisting is a platform service that is helping the building industry to make more sustainable and informed choices.

We do this by making it easy to find and compare the environmental impact of different building materials, in the most comprehensive way possible. We believe that increased knowledge and easy access to this information will accelerate change in the industry, and that's why we are constantly striving to improve our platform and make it even more valuable to our users.

For each product listed on our platform, we compile an Environmental Profile that presents the product's carbon footprint, environmental impact, and circularity score. This information is based on raw EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) -data, which we utilize to its full potential to provide you with the most accurate and comprehensive environmental impact assessment of building materials available.

We gather and manage data in a way that makes it possible for us to expand the collection of products on the Platform fast and continuously. This means that you will always have access to an ever-growing collection of building products and information on their environmental impacts, so that you can make the most sustainable choices.

In addition to helping designers make more sustainable choices, Materialisting is also encouraging material manufacturers and suppliers to improve the sustainability of their products and processes. By increasing demand for environmentally friendly materials, Materialisting is helping to create a more sustainable and transparent building industry.

Here are a few ways to get started with Materialisting:


  • Create a free account to browse our product collection to learn more about the environmental impact of different building materials.

  • Save materials to Favorites, and create Comparison Groups to compare products side-by-side to find the best options for your criteria.

  • Upgrade to the Excellent Plan to access our versatile Project Folders and Reporting Tools to calculate, follow and communicate the environmental impacts of your compiled materials over their entire life cycle.


  • Create a free account to Claim your products.

  • Create a simple Dashboard to see how those products are faring on the Platform.

  • Upgrade to the Excellent Plan to access an Extended Dashboard and analytics, and to supplement your products with more accurate information, images, as well as your sales contact info.

We hope you find Materialisting to be a valuable resource for making more sustainable and informed choices in the building industry.

Welcome aboard!


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